Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and the return of Scrabble

We had Canadian Thanksgiving dinner at our house with a bunch of friends. A couple of people were early and I brought out Scrabble to see if they were interested. I was surprised by how in to my Japanese guests were. I remember the first time I played it with Masa he was really in to in too. He was really obsessed with getting as many points as possible. I would have expected him to be more focused on just making words. It was a great evening with tonnes of food.

You can see the 100yen shop maple leaves I found. I was pretty impressed by the quality. I really just wanted something a little festive for the guests who were mostly Japanese.

The spread was pretty good. I cooked a turkey, stuffing, turnip puff (made with daikon) and carrots & celery. Masa made mashed potatoes, Japanese pickles and french onion soup. Tomoko brought a great pumpkin pie and some lovely cornbread (Lori's recipe). I kind of miss the pumpkin pie my mother makes but I will make that at Christmas.

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