Friday, August 1, 2008

A Good Hamburger

I was waiting for Masa in Korakuen last night and decided to try a newish burger shop, Zest Premium Burgers, on the first floor. It can be pretty tough to get a good burger in Japan albeit there is a plethora of fast food burgers. Every once in a while you need a good one. I was sold as soon as I saw that they make their own fries out of great Hokkaido potatoes. Who could resist? The patty was 100% Angus beef and they cook it right in front of you. Here is their description:
The new Zest Premium burgers use Angus beef, ground upon ordering, grilled to perfection and topped with locally-sourced veggies and our homemade Zest sauce. They're fresh, natural and juicy, the way a burger should be.
I had a burger, fries and a drink for 1070yen which is decent for a good burger. They seem to have two locations in Tokyo, Korakuen and Hiroo, if you wanted to check them out.

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