Thursday, July 31, 2008

Working out Matthew McConaughey Style

A while ago Masa and I were talking about what kind of body is sexy and how to get that way. I mentioned that Matthew McConaughey has a great body so we googled his workout routine. We didn't find the exact one but I did find a good article on Men's Health Magazine website. It was called "Work Out with Matthew McConaughey" by Mike Zimmerman.

I immediately felt a connection with what he had to say and was inspired by a couple of quotes:

"I go for distance instead of time," he says, "to where I'm sweating and tired as far away as possible from where I started."

But doesn't he worry about having enough gas left in the tank for the return trip? Nope. "The return trip is always easier," he says. "Think about it. One, you can anticipate the road you've already traveled. Two, when it's time to eat the hay, the horses get home no matter how tired they are. Third, you're past the hump. You're in. Each step gets you closer to sitting down and relaxing."

"I tell myself, Okay, you're going to run as far as you can today, then run back, and you have as much time as you want."
I tried the run until you are really tired and then turn around method tonight and I ended up running twice as long and far as I normally would have. I also ran through the city instead of the river valley and ended up exploring as I ran. I got pretty close to a state of flow at the pace where I feel I can run forever. I ended up running from my apartment to Nishi Kawaguchi station. The total distance was 6km and I kept up a slow steady pace. It will be a good start to training for the Toda Half Marathon.

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